The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is commissioning artistic projects, research projects and new collaborations around our historical archive in Copenhagen. We are seeking proposals for works which tracethe spread of NSU’s values across the world. The projects will culminate in a mini-festival in Norway in Summer 2020 to celebrate NSU’s 70thanniversary – truly the oldest Nordic institution of its kind!


Watch this pace for the 10 Projects that will explore NSU’s history (see Ideas for Proposals for inspiration) through audio, films, writing, artworks and artistic experiments/interventions. 

We are delighted to be funded by by Nordic Council of Ministers’ joint branding project, The Nordics, to trace the spirits of Nordicness across the world through NSU’s radical history of research


After a tough selection process, the #NordicSummerUniversityhas selected 10 arts/research projects to carve-out trails through NSU’s history.

What contours of ‘Nordic-ness’ will these pathfinders encounter?

We’ll be following the projects as they move around the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark and the U.K.

Stay tuned as each project is revealed.

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Proposal Idea #6

IDEA 6 – Crossing Disciplines

2004, Iceland.

Political conflicts on NSU’s future continue to abound. But in the midst, a plucky group of researchers stage a football match between the Dantes and the Jantes – from the humanities and from the social sciences. Bare feet race across the ground. An Italian enlightenment philosophy crosses the ball to Karl Marx. Old rivals are forgotten. New arguments are stirred in the sprinting and tackling. A small boy strikes the winning goal for the Dantes!

Cultural engagement – the sharing of practices and games – has been a key part of the world NSU creates each summer. Discussions have long raged over whether a ‘Nomadic university’ such as NSU should be an entirely open, egalitarian space of activism and collectivity; or a place of critical rigour, deep standards of scholarship and commitment to research.

What new states of being can be found when researchers or artists play (football) together?

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

Photo by John O’Nolan on Unsplash. Special thanks to Asger Sørensen for his contribution of memories!

Proposal Idea #5

IDEA 5… New Generations of Researcher

From the time of its foundation, the Nordic Summer University has set aside a space for children to be included in the Summer Sessions. Practically, this space allowed adult researchers with child-caring responsibility to be free to immerse in the debate, learning and cultural sharing – an early statement of gender equality in Nordic academic. Is this an embodiment of ‘sustainability’?

Yet, the ride has not always been smooth. In 1972, a Danish radio station broadcast a section of the Summer Session in Askov, proclaiming that children were being inducted into a “radical experiment”, and “upbringing towards a class society”.

Supported by pedagogues, the children’s circle continues to flourish at NSU. How does it change a radical research agenda to be surrounded by the living, breathing, laughing, learning, new generation?

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

Picture by Gabby Orcutt on @unsplash

Proposal Idea #4

IDEA 4…. Open World Demand

1950. Niels Bohr writes an open letter to the UN calling for “common knowledge about social conditions and technical enterprises” to prevent the entrenchment of Nationalism and a rapid escalation of military power. The same summer, Bohr joins NSU’s 1950 summer school. Bohr’s spirit of breaking down the barriers between disciplines, industries of learning and social responsibility, is the atmosphere in which NSU’s cooperative ideals and structures are forged.

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

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Picture by Andrew Preble on @unsplash

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Proposal Idea #3

IDEA 3…. Reverse Youth Rebellions

1985. Danish newspapers have screamed about NSU becoming infiltrated with the Marxist ideology of the day. The ferocity of the student rebellions is beginning to bite, as many senior academics turn away from their NSU past. Summer passions are forgotten. Professors keep quiet about their association with summer University’s playful and critical spirit. A generation of older scholars withdraw from the wild ecosystem of cross-disciplinary debate into the comfort of their offices…

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

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Picture by Pawal Janiak on @unsplash

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